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Over the last decade, our nation has asked its young men and women of the military to go abroad and stand in harm’s way. Many in the line-of-fire have incurred injuries that have resulted in life-long disabilities.

Frontline Enterprises, LLC (FLEnterprises) knows first-hand that these disabled veterans have the initiative, aptitude, leadership skills, and experience to be real assets to the business world. Our mission is to provide business counseling, training and employment opportunities for our nation’s disabled veterans, to include those with severe disabilities.

FLEnterprises works to create innovative partnerships with government, business, and non-profit entities so that our disabled veterans can achieve and maintain their rehabilitation through enterprise development and managed employment.

Today, government is being asked to do more with less. At FLEnterprises we understand that the challenges facing federal agencies are complex and varied. In the post 9-11 world, we know it is absolutely critical that government agencies respond to their missions with one hundred percent efficiency, accuracy, and efficacy. We know that these demands are constantly shifting and often extremely time sensitive. This is why FLEnterprises has designed itself as a customized service provider.

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