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Mentor Protege

King George, LLC mentor to Frontline Enterprises LLC

Our corporate executive staff has a relationship with King George’s executive staff spanning 15 years. Frontline’s President and King George’s CEO and President were employed by the same large business. Our relationship is more than just business and it reflects in our product to our customer with seamless service currently at 17 locations across the South East.
King George is a valued partner of Frontline Enterprises.

About King George LLC

King George, LLC provides full spectrum facilities operations services, inclusive of mechanical, grounds maintenance, pest control, environmental, and custodial services, for a multitude of clients, ranging from large military installations to high visibility GSA properties. King George, LLC is an experienced Government contractor that operates more than 80 federal and commercial contracts that encompass 140 federal installations. King George specializes in facility operations and maintenance, logistics, and construction services and currently has over 350 employees. King George was recently ranked in INC. 5000’s fastest growing companies and specializes in facility operations and maintenance, logistics, and construction services. King George’s certifications and memberships in professional associations attest to the company’s stature as an industry-leading organization and to our unwavering commitment to quality service and continuous improvement. King George continually brings industry recognized best practices to our contracts in an effort to improve efficiency, provide greater customer satisfaction, and offer an overall better quality of service.

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